Cornell Game

We’ve got some great videos of the Band’s pregame and halftime shows from the Cornell game this past weekend, thanks to freshman Andrew Howe’s parents.  I’ve been meaning to post every halftime show this year on V2, but we’ve run into some trouble with the video camera.  When that gets sorted out, I’ll be able to upload videos more regularly, but until then, enjoy the show!

UPDATE: The script is posted after the jump.


ANN: Ladies and Gentlemen, the Harvard University “The Ivy League’s Only Other Real Marching” Band!

Band on to OD.  Bang to H. Alright, Cornell, you finally convinced us.  After 60 years of scrambling, scattering, and having fun, we give in.  Your announcer was just too persuasive.  Jiminy Cricket, make us a real band!  A real band with sailor hats… and flags… and marching… and sailor hats!  No more forming words or making jokes, just moving lines and abstract shapes.  On second thought, I think we’ll keep things the way they are and just rent “Drumline.” Band plays Soldiers’ Field.  Off to 10,000.

ANN: Ladies and Gentlemen, the Harvard University “Gorge Orwell” Band!

Band on to 1984. The Band has received disturbing intelligence reports out of Ithaca. Cornell University administrators, who began monitoring students’ Internet use earlier this year, are about to implement their sinister plan to block the Interwebs.  Cornell started by banning Wikipedia, but had to unblock the site after students stopped writing papers. Bang to 404. Soon, Cornellians will be banned from any websites except those most important to their daily lives:,, and  Students attempting to access other sites will be rickrolled.  Band plays Never Gonna Give You Up.  Bang to All-Seeing-Eye.

But this is only the start of the Cornell administration’s master plan.  At their command, the new Cornell athletics mascot is the Big Red Brother.  Eye begins sweeping.  Soon, the Cornell News Network will begin broadcasting. Students will be told that every day is warm and sunny, that Cornell is the nation’s #1 university, and that the war with Ithaca College is going well.  Eye stops in center, Band plays Heaven is a Place on Earth.  Bang to FREE.

The Harvard Band will not let these injustices stand. Cornellians, throw off the shackles of the thought police, and demand a scramble band, or as we call them here in America, a “freedom band.”  Reject your Ag School lessons that some animals are more equal than others!  Bang to FIRE, P.C. unrolls wall and some bandies pick up tools.  Don’t give in to doublethink: ignorance is not strength, and a Cornell degree is not marketable.  Finally, join us in condemning the man responsible for this Big Red Menace.  President Skorton, tear down this firewall! Band plays Fortunate Son as bandies destroy wall.  Band off to 10,000.


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2 responses to “Cornell Game

  1. Justin

    Very cool. Love the roving eye.

  2. Aidan

    Could we get the script for the cornell show posted? Then people who missed the performance could understand what the not-great audio attempts to tell them.

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